Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the Yoyo Gifts gift card and how is it different to the other gift cards?

Q: Can I re-use my wiCode if it has been used previously?

Q: Is there a limit on the number of mobile numbers I can upload?

Q: What are the fees to send a gift card?

Q: If I send a gift card to the incorrect mobile number what do I do?

Q: If my wiCode has expired can I get a new one?

Q: If I don't spend the full value of my gift card, will I receive the change in cash?

Q: My gift card cannot be processed in-store and is invalid.

Q: Can I transfer my gift card wiCode to a friend or family member?

Q: Is there a maximum amount I can send?

Q: What if I lose my gift card?

Q: How do I use my gift card in store?

Q: What do I need to put under NAME when adding a card?

Q: Can I load more than one card on Yoyo Gifts?

Q: Which cards are supported?

Q: How do I pay for my gift cards?

Q: How do I register and start sending?

Q: How does the recipient receive the gift card?